There is a learning curve to tuxedo rentals that many young men experience the hard way, whether that be feeling overdressed at a daytime party, mismatching tie and shirt colors, or choosing a tux that is a little on the large side. Renting a tux is somewhat of an art — there are many unspoken rules to consider, and if you make a mistake, it feels like all eyes are on you. From our tuxedo fitters at Acadiana Courier Tux & Limo in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, here are five musts to consider when renting a tux for a special event.

Get Fitted

This goes without saying — or does it? The best way to ensure that you make the right choice at your local tuxedo shop is by trying on several different sizes with the help of a men’s formalwear fitter. Many high schoolers and young men make the mistake of renting a tux online or only trying one size on before renting it for the night, only to regret their decision later when someone makes a comment about their socks sticking out or the jacket looking like an oversized trash bag. Save yourself the stress and let a tuxedo fitter help you out.

Match Your Colors

When renting a prom tuxedo or a wedding tux, nothing will make you stick out like a sore thumb more than if you mismatch colors in an unacceptable way. Wearing brown shoes with a black tux, for example, is frowned upon, as is wearing a bright, patterned tie to a black tie event. As a rule of thumb, wear a black tie and a white shirt under a black tuxedo if you’re going to a formal event, and if you’re going to experiment with colors, match your tie to whatever color your date is wearing. Also, leave the crazy socks with donuts on them at home, because they’ll peek out from under your dress pants when you sit down.

Don’t Go Crazy With The Shirt

When renting a tuxedo, the focus of your outfit should be the jacket and tie, not the shirt you’re wearing underneath. If you have too much going on, things can look sloppy real quick. So, if you want to wear a black tux and a pink tie that matches your date’s dress, go with a plain white dress shirt underneath. Also, don’t mess with patterned dress shirts or ones with frilly adornments — that is, unless you’re a celebrity trying to make a statement at the MTV awards.

Pick A Nice Tie

If you’re old enough to rent a prom tux or wedding tuxedo, it’s time you learned how to tie a tie. Trust us, people will notice if you show up to a special event wearing a clip-on tie, and the last thing you want is for it to come off when you dance. Pick out a nice tie that matches the color of your tuxedo or your date’s outfit, then take it home, pull up a YouTube video, and practice a few times until you get the hang of it. If you opt for the bowtie look, you can either get one pre-tied or learn to tie it yourself with a friend’s help.

Plan Ahead

This one’s for the procrastinators — don’t wait until the last minute to rent a tuxedo for your special event. During the prom and wedding seasons, tux rental shops tend to run low on the most common sizes, making it difficult to find one that fits your body type and style. Plan ahead by making a reservation for a tux fitting several weeks in advance so you aren’t scrambling to find one online the week of the event.

At Acadiana Courier Tux & Limo, we have dozens of fine tuxedos for men of all ages, in addition to our fleet of party buses and limousines, so we are confident that you’ll find just what you’re looking for when you rent a tux with us. Contact us today to schedule a fitting, or visit us in Lafayette or Baton Rouge!